Items to pack for every solo trip

Packing light isn’t as important as packing smart. Since travel inconveniences amplify when you’re on your own, you want to prepare for any scenario that will set you back on your journey.

First and foremost, the items at the top of the priority list should provide comfort and convenience—and ideally serve more than one purpose. So leave behind the strappy heels you’ll only wear once (no matter how cute they’ll look in your photos), and make sure you’re choosing things efficiently. Hold every item and ask yourself: Is this item a necessity on my trip? If it passes the test, set it in the suitcase.

Don’t forget the adapters and cables!

If you do need them, save on the crazy airport prices by buying your Multi-function Portable Travel Socket High Quality USB Power Charge Converter EU/UK/US/AU plug ahead of your trip.

Keep everything clean and visible, so when you rush to catch your next flight to Bali, just open your waterproof Double Layer universal Electronic Accessories Travel Organizer and find your favorite headphone and power bank to enjoy your the rest of your travel. 

Categorize your clothes and your makeups!

Pack clothes in groups with the Travel Pouch Sock Storage Boxes Carry-on Organizer Bag: that means shirts with shirts, pants with with pants -it’s easier to find what you need and unpack on the other side when you are in rush to find the socks from the very button of your backpack. 


Worried that all your makeups wont fit into your suitcase? Take our Travel Makeup Cosmetic Organizer Drawstring Bag to use the most limited space without sacrificing. It is never been easier to pull out your lipstick from the bag, open with an easy movement and see the all your beautiful makeups. 

Don't forget the locker! 

If you plan to book your accommodation in hostels dorms our 4 Digit Password Security Lock could be really handy. You will find that you have more peace of you mind when you can lock up your valuables.

Take photos and videos alone easily! 

When traveling solo, you can easily get pictures of you with a panorama if you use a Banana Pod,which is fully compatible with any smartphones and digital cameras. Banana Pod can be used in a car, as a selfie stick, as a regular tripod, as versatile mount for any extreme sport for you GoPro or simply for any kind of traveling or even vlogging.

Don't forget you are less likely droop your phone or GoPro!

And never forget to add some colors to your life with the Around The World Coloring Book during your flight :)